Christian Business Whining

First off, I don’t think all other faiths preach to shop only at similar believing establishments. In fact, only Christians and Muslims even suggest supporting like-belief shopping in my experience (Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Secular Leftist Commies all don’t seem to give a shit.) Second America is not the GRAND Christian Nation… whatever that means. Third, why do you want a carbonated sugar water company to sponsor your radio show so badly? Can’t you find a Christian business to pay up? Fourth, the reason Christian Networks suck is that A) they’re not funny, nor can be, B) don’t have the best writers (Jews) and C) they don’t do badly… they just tell you that they do so you’ll GIVE more.

Finally, WTF are those comments?

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  • what

    I got stuck on Christian-Americans. They’re a hyphen-group now? Really?

  • Wiseman Daniel

    Prayes for You

    I pray for you every night,
    when my prayers are answered
    you will see God is your one true knight.
    He will be there through everything,
    and experience your pain.
    Remember what he has been through,
    well he will go though more pain just for us two.
    I pray for you hopefully like many others,
    remember me and God love you. ….SYNAGOGUE, CHURCH OF ALL NATIONS (SCOAN)