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So rather than say that we have nothing personal against the “Right” or Christians, we’re going to say that we actually can’t stand it. The constant flow of ideological nonsense that is spouted as fact on the social network is nearing epidemic proportions. This is not to say that we’re a group of left wingers, atheists or facebook haters. We just think that your faith is something personal, that faith and policy shouldn’t have anything to do with each other, and combining the two and posting them on facebook is a good way to drive up your agnostic, socialist, Aunt Trudy’s blood pressure. And as a good, God-fearing, Republican, you would NOT want to hurt Aunt Trudy… right?

This is purely for entertainment purposes only. We hide the identify of the posters on facebook and ask that you do the same. While these folks can be very funny in what they say, think and the glorious logical jumps they’re able to make – that is not a reason to expose or flame. But by all means, please feel free to make as funny a comment as you can.

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